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Body awareness in organizations

We live in an era of great transformation in technology, politics, economics and environment. 

In the meantime, a new way of organizing is emerging,

where the illusion of control and distance between people is giving way to new management models,

structure, decision-making process, giving space to more humanity,

complexity and integration.

The practices proposed by Maria Sofia within organizations are based on empathic listening and body work, making assimilation deeper and more effective.

From the state of presence and the body-mind-heart connection

intra, interpersonal and systemic relationships are developed. Experiences propose change

of the mental model, passing from the mechanistic to the complex lens.

The work is carried out in collaboration with other facilitators, invited by Maria Sofia based on the demand from each organization. Work promotes concentration, team cohesion, calm, respect for limits, care,

openness to the unknown, creativity, innovation and presence.

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